Hop Harvest Selection 2019


Our head brewer Arin flew out to Washington state to check out the hop harvest selection of 2019. This exciting journey to the Pacific Northwest paves the way for the future of our beer!

The journey allows us to select the the best possible raw ingredients to create the highest quality beers. This was our first opportunity to visit Yakima Valley, which supplies some of the hops we use in our production. We were honored to be invited to Van Horn Farms who hosted Arin— connecting farmer to brewer.

Van Horn Farms was founded in 1904 and has a rich history in American farming. They strive to provide a positive work environment that promotes sustainable farming practices and safety for all.


Arin was able to view the entire operation— from bine to bale. Farmers have a short time frame each year to harvest bines from the ground and package the hops.

“You could smell the hops in the air before getting to the farm. While touring the farm you could see that the farmers have such a passion in their product. It was such an insightful experience,” said Head Brewer Arin.

Arin participated in the selection of our 2019 hops at Yakima Chief Hops. The process involves using the senses and evaluating the hops from different lots and farms. Each farm can grow different types of hops, like Citra, Mosaic, and Ekuanot. After thorough inspection and rigorous testing, Arin selected hops from specifics farms that we’ll be using in our beers. We’re excited about what he selected and how it will refine our beers in the year to come!